Die on your feet


And when your money's all been spent
you'll disregard the government
and hunger isn't elegant
when there's no cause to starve for


Your reddened eyes reflect your need
if you cut me do I not bleed
a friend in doubt's a friend indeed
you'd swear it but you're not sure

Why can't truth shine so golden?
The emperor's got himself new clothes
buying all the lies they sold him
with his charge cards, I suppose


You gave your all and took your spills
and starved your souls to pay the bills
you woke up and wound up with nil
and then you blame the cosmos

When you throw mud you just lose ground
so try to lose that forty pounds
I know how silly it sounds
but that's the way that song goes


Why can't the dark clouds scatter?
You know Jesus, I know he's
crying out hoping you'd rather
die on your feet than live on your knees


Die on your feet or live on your knees


Music and Lyrics Jason Kramer, 2002