My girl, my gal


My girl, my gal
She lifts me when 1'm down
She keeps me a happy man
Keeps smiling and keeps clam
When I've gotta have my say
And I say dig this people
How sprung I am


My girl, my gal
She never wears no frown
I spend every dime I own
To buy her those fashion clothes
Cause I know when I get home
There's gonna be supper
And my girl with no clothes on


And I work too much
But she don't gripe
A workin' man
Is just her type
So I give her gifts and kisses sweet
And it feels so good
When she makes me feel all right


My girl, my gal
I'll always want her around
You can keep your other ones
She's my only honey buns
And I'm gonna have my say
And I say I love my gal
Lord. I'm sprung


Music and Lyrics Jason Kramer, 2002